$4m Retailer Bridging Finance

Hair and Beauty wholesaler and retailer who found themselves in a cash crunch as a result of rapid growth and poor inventory management. Company earnings were tied up in stock and a tax bill left them in a precarious situation. The company needed funding in a matter of weeks not months. The Debt Stream process plugged into the cloud accounting software of the company and generated a report that was in a format that was acceptable to multiple funding parties that could be pursued in parallel. The competitive tension of having several parties reviewing information in parallel ensured a successful and prompt outcome.


Venture Debt

  What is Venture Debt It is a debt instrument to a rapidly growing company that would not otherwise qualify for traditional loans. The debt has a reasonably high interest rate (10 to 15%) and has a small warrants package attached which provides the debt provider the option to purchase equity at a pre-agreed valuation […]

Australian Recession in 2019?

Donald Trump, 100-year drought, Royal Commission, Kim Jong Un, Trade Wars, Climate Change – this is all starting to sound like Billy Joel’s famous song “We didn’t start the fire”.  Every day the papers tell a new tale of woes, a new set of threats on the horizon. Is this just background noise that has been “always burning […]