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Welcome to Neu Capital’s Debt-Stream, our Debt Dealroom, a proprietary technology that connects your anonymised data directly into the credit approval process of over 100 bank and non-bank lenders. This technology, coupled with the expertise of our team of experienced bankers, allows us to discreetly and efficiently get you access to the best possible terms.

Our Process

Initial Review

Our team will plug your financials into our secure proprietary technology that connects your anonymised data directly into the credit approval process of over 100 bank and non-bank lenders.

Corporate Debt Report

Company Report

Within one week we will provide a report summarizing your loan terms and conditions, your working capital, and an estimate of the types of facilities available for you.

Corporate Debt Deals

Receive the Best Deal

At this point, your bank should refinance you to the best deal. If they don’t, we will connect you to new domestic or overseas lender that meets your unique requirements.

Corporate Debt Case Studies


$15m Seafood Refinance

Seafood production company who had been with their current bank...
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Logistics Corporate Debt Casestudy

$10m Logistics MBO (Venture Debt)

Logistics company who has a strong and stable earnings history...
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Wholesale Corporate Debt Casestudy

$4m Retailer Bridging Finance

Hair and Beauty wholesaler and retailer who found themselves in...
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Neu is for Neutral


Quick Turnaround

Our large and diverse investor network combined with our industry leading technology means a quick result.


Investor Integration

Our technology provides a direct line to investors credit approval processes.


Every Debt Option

Our vast investor network includes providers of corporate debt, bridging loans, high yield debt, mezzanine & junior debt, senior debt, venture debt, debt refinancing & working capital facilities.


Transparent Pricing

Neu.Capital fees are simple, quoted upfront and tied to success.


What Information is Required ?

For all companies we require the following:

  • Last 3 years financial statements including latest management accounts and / or read only access to your cloud accounting software (if available)
  • Copy of all Facility agreements

We will also have an initial kick off call to discuss your specific company where we will identify any information specific to your company that we require.

Don’t have high quality information ?

Its ok. We’re here to help. Some of the best companies we’ve seen have grown so fast that they haven’t put in place the systems and controls to produce good quality information. Provide what you’ve got and we’ll be in contact to talk you through your options.

Do lenders pay you a commission?

In some cases lenders provide us a commission on the successful completion of your loan.

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