Distressed Situations

Distressed Transactions in The Mid Market

When faced with distressed situations, speed is everything. Creditors’ demands can accelerate quickly and in the absence of a clear plan, shareholders can very quickly lose control of the situation.

Neu Capital’s restructuring team is one of the most well-credentialed in the market.

Applying the team’s decades of experience at top tier investment banks such as Royal Bank of Scotland and ABN Amro, Neu Capital has developed an execution plan for distressed transactions in the mid market that is transparent, discrete and most importantly… fast.

Neu Capital

  1. Information review (first 24 to 48 hours): Our team will implement a detailed initial review of your company, going through historical and forecast performance and in particular reviewing management's turnaround plan.
  2. Options summary (1 to 3 days): We present a summary of what we think is achievable, what further work would be required in order to achieve financial security and how long this additional work will take. This provides the board and founders full transparency into what we think is financially possible before a formal engagement occurs. This process is fully confidential and no information leaves Neu Capital.
  3. Existing stakeholder management (post engagement): We develop an execution plan with management that ensures existing stakeholders (creditors, shareholders, etc.) are supportive of the proposed strategy. It doesn’t matter how good the plan is or how credible the incoming investor is, if you don’t have the time to execute, it is useless.
  4. Execution: Neu Capital prepares a detailed investment paper that concisely addresses all of the key information investors will require.  Our strong relationships with these funds ensures that we are able to get in front of the decision-makers asap. 

We have the expertise and relationships that ensure the process from first approach to financial close is as short as possible.

It is inevitable that some restructuring plans will need to be executed via a formal process such as a Scheme of Arrangement or a Deed of Company Arrangement. Importantly, at Neu Capital, we are not receivers or liquidators. Whilst we have a deep understanding of how these structures work, we have no incentive in seeing your company go through a costly insolvency process. At Neu Capital we are focused on maximising existing shareholder value through the delivery of new debt and equity partners.


Explore the Neu Capital lender network to see how our investor relationships match your corporate debt funding requirement.

The Neu Capital network of institutional lenders span several hundred Family Offices, Credit Funds, Pension Funds, Hedge Funds and Banks.

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