How Neu.Capital Works

Discrete - Competitive - Efficient

Deal Done!

    Investor Preparation

    Our institutional investors expect high quality information covering each opportunity we present to them. Working with our internal experts for debt deals and our select advisory partners, such as Grant Thornton, for our equity transactions, your investment case will be presented professionally to investors.


    Your information, including IP and financials is placed in our secure integrated Neu Capital deal room. Only investors that you approve and have gone under NDA can view this information, ensuring you always maintain discretion and control.


    With over 400 institutional investors, the Neu Capital network is global and diverse. Each of our investors has a dedicated relationship manager that has intimate knowledge of their precise mandates. Combining this knowledge with our sophisticated technology that gathers market data, results in finding the right investors for your opportunity.


    Your deal will only be shown to the select group of our investors that are appropriate for your specific situation.

    The Deal

    For debt transactions our internal team of experts will work with you and your legal team to negotiate a facility with the appropriate terms and best rates.


    For equity transactions we will work your corporate advisor to place the final short listed investors into a competitive process. The goal being to find the right long term partner with the best strategic fit for your company.

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