Covid-19: 28 Weeks Later

by Josh
Oct , 12
Covid-19: 28 Weeks Later

Six months ago, Australia went into lockdown and uncertainty was felt across almost every sector of the economy.  At the time our team explored how businesses could avoid and navigate this period of financial distress due to COVID-19, as the financial damage started to appear ever more prominent.

Now, 28 weeks later we have decided to reflect on the financial impact of COVID-19. From analysing the key 2020 economic events since Wuhan issued a lockdown on January 23rd to what the risk environment looks like in 2021; we explore the profound economic impact of COVID-19 and how businesses can continue surviving within these turbulent times.

Hope you enjoy this latest addition to our CFO Series:

The Neu Capital team has extensive expertise in supporting businesses as they navigate periods of economic uncertainty. We leverage our team’s experience of leading $4.7bn of distressed transactions in the GFC to help companies create long-term funding solutions to ensure they can weather this storm and the next.

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