Neu Capital and Grant Thornton partner to close the funding gap for New Zealand mid-sized businesses

by Josh
Apr , 22

In a bid to transform access to funding channels for established New Zealand mid-sized businesses, Neu Capital has partnered with global professional services network, Grant Thornton.

With a focus on businesses seeking $10 million to $200 million in debt or equity, Neu Capital and Grant Thornton will provide a suite of mid-market capital raises and merger and acquisition services. These will include deal readiness planning, information preparation, deal structuring, institutional matchmaking and negotiation.

The Neu Capital team confirmed the partnership with consultancy firm Grant Thornton New Zealand in late March, having made a similar deal with the Australian Grant Thornton team in 2019.

Originally founded in Australia, with offices overshore in the U.K, South Africa, and New Zealand, Neu Capital aims to bring private institutional money to businesses seeking debt or equity of between $10 million to $200 million.

Grant Thornton NZ is part of a global leading organisation of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms that helps privately owned, publicly listed and public sector clients to understand complex issues and unlock their potential for growth. 

Under the new partnership, Grant Thornton will introduce candidate businesses to the Neu Capital network. 

Commenting on the partnership, Neu Capital New Zealand Director Steve Holden, says:

“We want to alert mid-market CEOs, CFOs and financial controllers to the large pool of private capital available for investment. Our team, technology and processes are built for discrete distribution from the ground up, which facilitates higher volumes and quality of opportunities for our investor network”.

National Managing Partner at Grant Thornton NZ, Russell Moore, believes the deal will enhance opportunities for both businesses and investors:

“New Zealand’s MSBs form a crucial part of our economic landscape but are often underrepresented as we focus on the success or failure of large and small businesses. There’s huge potential for MSBs to accelerate their growth and make a big impact on NZ’s bottom line. We’re excited to deploy our advisory capabilities alongside Neu Capital’s investor expertise, and to help more New Zealand mid-market businesses to thrive.”

Read more about Grant Thornton here.

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