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Defence projects often require substantial working capital and capital investments. For defence sub-contractors, bank funding may not provide sufficient leverage or have restrictive terms. Neu Capital’s domestic and overseas institutional investor relationships can provide more flexible funding solutions for the Australian companies driving the future of defence. These investors include international investment banks, credit funds and global asset managers.

Neu Capital’s experience of working with companies in the defence sector facilitates our ability to articulate the defence sectors unique characteristics and outlook to debt investors. Our debt specialists will structure the most appropriate and efficient form of debt capital to meet your borrowing needs ranging from senior secured credit facilities to junior debt and PIK (capitalised interest) facilities.


Our specialist defence funding team can help you access funding that is much more flexible funding than big four banks including:

Earlier Access to Debt Capital

Our network of institutional lenders can provide earlier access to debt capital than the big four banks, allowing you to accelerate your growth without further dilution.

Cashflow/ Contract Secured

The debt can be secured against contracts from Prime contractors and/or the government instead of plant or property. This will depend on the contract structure and your ability to deliver.


Our lenders can move quickly allowing you to access the capital required to ramp up production. This debt can be used in conjunction with a larger funding round or as a bridge to achieve it.