Corporate Debt Advisory

Neu Capital is Australia and New Zealand’s leading corporate advisory for companies facing complex financial situations.

We assist companies in raising capital through a variety of debt instruments, including secured and unsecured loans, mezzanine financing and convertible note structures. Our investor network includes domestic and overseas banks, credit funds, strategic investors, super/pension funds and global investment banks. Our team of experts has deep knowledge of the capital markets and works closely with clients to understand their unique needs, resulting in bespoke funding solutions.

Our debt advisory services also encompass the structuring and refinancing of existing debt. We help companies to restructure their debt in a way that reduces interest costs, extends repayment terms, or otherwise improves the company's overall financial position. Our goal is to provide solutions that support the long-term stability and growth of the business.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and personalised approach to debt advisory services. Our team has a deep understanding of the mid-market debt landscape and a track record of successfully navigating complex financial situations. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and provide solutions that best meet their objectives.

Corporate Debt Services

Our investment bankers specialise in complicated mid-market debt transactions with a focus on securitisation and special situations.

Corporate Debt

Domestic and overseas lenders outside the big 4 in Australia and New Zealand can provide more flexible funding while offering competitive rates. Find out how we can find the right corporate debt solution for your company.

Leveraged/ Management Buy-outs

Maximising leverage can preserve equity & minimise dilution for shareholders.  Our bankers will help secure the necessary financing to complete the transaction & structure the debt in a way that supports the long-term stability of the business.

Special Situations/ Distressed

Our bankers will negotiate with creditors, develop a comprehensive restructuring plan, and secure new financing to support the company's long-term stability. Our goal is to work closely with our clients to understand their situation and provide tailored solutions that address their needs.

Corporate Debt Process



A comprehensive discovery process leads into the development of optimal capital structure scenarios.


Institutional information pack that fits seamlessly into our lenders credit approval process.


Discreet and competitive distribution to relevant domestic & international banks, credit funds and family offices.


The majority of our targeted processes produce multiple term sheets providing the leverage to get our clients the best terms.


Experienced investment bankers who have worked on billions of dollars of transactions negotiating on your behalf to get a successful outcome.

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