General FAQ

To ensure our independence, no capital is directly invested by Neu.Capital. Our Marketplace connects businesses (and their advisors) with investors through a best-practice 3 stage process. To learn more please go to our How it Works page

We have both debt and equity investors on our marketplace. Each investor selected for the Dealroom of a given company is free to propose their preferred solution to the funding target, which is then negotiated and formalised in the face-to-face Final Round.

The Neu.Capital Marketplace shows anonymous information about companies raising capital, such as the sector, region, funding goal and very low-precision performance data. This is enough for investors to decide if they’re interested to find out more, but not enough to identify the company.

The investors on our platform are all vetted to ensure they are institutional Private Equity firms, Family Offices, Credit Funds and 2nd Tier Banks. The Neu.Capital marketplace does not contain any investors that do not have a proven track record of structuring and funding deals in the $5-100m space.

Yes, the minimum deal size is $5m (AUD). There is no upper limit.

Company FAQ

Only the interested investors that you have shortlisted will see your company name. Your financial statements will only be accessible by investors you allow into your Dealroom under NDA. You remain in control of your identity and confidential information until you explicitly state otherwise.

Absolutely not, you and your corporate advisor are free to accept, negotiate or reject any offers you receive through Neu.Capital

We have an extensive panel of corporate advisors that are happy to have a no obligation discussion regarding your capital raise or company sale opportunity. Our advisor network covers all of Australia and almost every industry.

Contact us here for advisor introductions.

Yes absolutely. Neu.Capital promotes the use of corporate advisors on our platform. Our process was designed with advisors in mind.

Investor FAQ

Only the businesses you express interest in through the Marketplace can see your investor name and profile.

Neu.Capital is engaged by the Company. We do not currently charge any fees to Investors.